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Innovative Food Holdings, Inc., (“IVFH”) is a unique holding company operating in the gourmet food space by owning a growing number of independent, wholly-owned subsidiaries and brands. The subsidiaries utilize IVFH’s proprietary technology platform and existing relationships and expertise to distribute gourmet foods to restaurants, chefs and many others who utilize these niche products. IVFH’s subsidiaries combine to serve over 5,800 unique products to over 30,000 various end users. The Company’s current portfolio of subsadaries and brands includes Food Innovations®, For The Gourmet, Gourmet Food Service Group  Artisan Specialty Foods and Artistre®.

 Food Innovations offers a unique just in time program which services professional chef market nationwide,  For The Gourmet  offers a unique selection of products from small artisanal growers and makers to the direct to consumer market.  Recently acquired Artisan Specialty Foods services chefs in the Midwest and nationwide  through it’s Chicago based facilities and Gourmet Food Service Group offers wholesale size distribution of niche gourmet and gourmet healthcare related items including a full line of gluten free products.   IVFH is also developing selected lines of private label products within the premium gourmet space, the first of which is the Artistre® brand line of Molecular Gastronomy products


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Latest News:  IVFH Reports Record 2nd Quarter Results – Aug 23 2012                                                                                  


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oustanding 5,659,130


Innovative Food Holdings

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Naples Florida

CEO: Sam Klepfish

Issue Type: Common Stock

Sector: Food

Industry: Distribution


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